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How do I get multiple deductions in one year?

Let us remind you that the tax deduction gives you the right to return the income tax previously paid to the budget or reduce the tax payable.

You can get a deduction only if you are a tax resident of the Russian Federation and pay personal income tax on a certain type of income. Until 2021, a deduction could be obtained for any type of income taxed at a rate of 13%. And since 2021, the rules have changed – now the list of income from which you can get a deduction has been significantly reduced. In addition to the salary received under employment contracts and GPC contracts, the calculation includes income received from the lease of property, from the provision of various services and some other income.

The refund amount is limited, on the one hand, by deduction limits, and on the other hand, by the amount of tax that you paid to the budget. You cannot receive more than you paid.

The right to a property tax deduction arises from the moment of registration of the property in ownership (when buying a home under a sale and purchase agreement) or receiving an act of acceptance and transfer (when buying a home through a DDU).

The right to other deductions arises from the moment the expenses are paid.

What is the peculiarity of tax deductions and why is it better to plan to receive them before submitting documents?
The Tax Code does not prohibit receiving multiple tax deductions in one tax period (year). But you must remember that:

All tax deductions (except property) are not carried over to the next tax period (year).

The property tax deduction allows you to carry over the balance to the next year.

Thus, in order for you to receive several deductions in one year and not lose money, we recommend that you first indicate in the declaration the amount of other tax deductions in full, and only then register the property deduction for the remaining income, since you can transfer the rest of this deduction.

If you include the entire property deduction at once, then the other deductions will simply “burn out”, because all income will go exactly to the calculation of the property deduction.

What documents do you need?
As for supporting documents, you will need to collect them for each deduction. And if you want to receive a deduction for previous years, then for each year you must draw up a separate declaration in the appropriate form.

Here is a list of documents for property and social deductions, since these are the ones most often received together.

List of documents for registration of property deduction:

Tax return in the form 3-NDFL

Certificate of income (form 2-NDFL)

Home purchase agreement

Extract from the USRN (when buying under a sale and purchase agreement) or an act of transfer and acceptance (when buying a home using a DDU)

Documents confirming expenses (checks, receipts, payment orders, etc.)

Application for the distribution of the deduction (if you receive the deduction with your spouse)

To register a deduction for paid interest on a mortgage, you will additionally need:

Credit (mortgage) agreement

Certificate from the bank about the interest paid for the year

List of documents for registration of social deduction for treatment:

Tax return in the form 3-NDFL

Certificate of income (form 2-NDFL)

Documents confirming the cost of payment for treatment

Certificate of payment for medical services issued by a medical organization

Medical Services Agreement

A copy of the medical institution’s license for the provision of medical services

Prescriptions for drugs (if you get a drug deduction)

Documents confirming relationship (if necessary)

List of documents for registration of a social deduction for tuition:

Tax return in the form 3-NDFL

Certificate of income (form 2-NDFL)

Documents confirming the cost of tuition fees

Agreement with an educational institution

Copy of the license of the educational institution

Documents confirming relationship (if necessary)

Certificate confirming the form of study (if you receive a deduction for children or siblings)

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