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Important changes for cardholders

Increased control over card transactions
Even in that year, it became known about the amendments to the 115th law. Now banks are required to report to Rosfinmonitoring on the following transactions of their clients:

opening a deposit and a deposit linked to a bank card for another person in the amount of 600 thousand rubles or more;

withdrawing a similar amount or crediting it to your own bank card;

refund to the card and mobile phone account of the amount of 100 thousand rubles. and more, previously made as an advance payment for the provision of communication services;

settlements, both cash and non-cash, for real estate transactions in the amount of 3 million rubles: until recently, the federal service monitored only the purchase, sale, exchange or rent, and now rental, mortgage transactions, as well as commercial rental of accommodation.

After receiving information about such transactions, federal service employees will conduct an audit and, if there are signs of violations of the law, they will transfer information to law enforcement agencies.

It is believed that the new amendments will help to reveal the facts of corruption and illegal operations. Therefore, individuals and legal entities need to carefully control payments and card transfers, especially when it comes to large amounts.

Personal income tax introduced from interest on the card
From 2021, banks will report to the Federal Tax Service exactly how much interest “dropped” during the year to bank card holders. Income above the non-taxable limit is taxed at a rate of 13%. Moreover, all bank accounts and deposits, including card deposits, are summed up.

The limit is calculated according to the formula: 1 million rubles. × key rate of the Central Bank as of January 1 of the reporting year. That is, in 2021 the limit will be 42.5 thousand rubles. (1 million × 4.25%).

An exception is made for ruble accounts and cards with an interest rate of less than 1%, as well as escrow accounts.

Reasons for blocking plastic cards are changing
From October 1 this year, the signs by which banks will track suspicious transactions will change. In particular, the Central Bank decided to take control of the following situations:

from the same gadget or PC, operations are carried out with the accounts of different individuals who are not relatives: if a husband and wife manage their savings from the same smartphone, then it’s okay, and if they are strangers, for example, then the bank has the right to suspect financial fraud. This can happen if an individual entrepreneur or legal entity uses the services of one intermediary to conduct financial transactions;

buy bitcoins, electronic money and other digital currency from a bank card;

the entrepreneur transfers money from his/her account to a personal bank card: that is, if the card is opened for citizen Ivanov I.I., then the bank can block the transfer from the current account of IP Ivanov I.I.

Lawyers note that the list of signs of suspicious transactions is quite large, while the wording is not specific enough. In addition, the Central Bank expressly states that other signs not included in the list can also cause blocking of the card.

“Declassified” reasons for blocking
However, there are also positive changes: from October 1, banks, after blocking a card or account, will have to send a notification to the owner describing the reasons for such an operation.

At the moment, financial institutions can carry out blocking without any explanation. Of course, the notification will not help unfreeze the money in the account, but it will greatly simplify the procedure for appealing the bank’s unlawful decisions in court.

Remote issuance of cards is introduced in the presence of biometric data
If you have provided your biometric data to the bank, then you can safely issue new cards without visiting a financial institution. By the way, the storage of information of this kind is assumed by the state: from this year, banks are required to transfer biometric data to the Unified Biometric System.

Biometrics is also available for corporate clients: persons who have the right to act on behalf of the company without a power of attorney will be able to remotely use banking services, including issuing new bank cards.

Control of operations with cash and property
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